For cryin' out loud!
Just a (not so) ordinary neek (that's nerd+geek) trying to rule the world! *cough* I mean, trying to be myself. :)

I suppose I should warn never know what you'll find here, but I've turned into a mostly Marvel blog.

This can be a multifandom mess at times. As Scar would say, "Be prepared!"

And if you love Stargate: SG-1 and/or Stargate: Atlantis, I love you. ^_^

(Sam and Steve sidebar image courtesy of hasserole. Not my art)

I'm currently selling fandom bracelets (or one of your own color design). I have designed one for each of the Avengers and each of the Hogwarts Houses (with either bronze or silver option for Ravenclaw). If you're interested in buying one, click on the button and tell me what kind you want in the instructions box when you pay:
Number of bracelets


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